I thought it might be nice for you to hear from some of the people I've worked with to get some honest opinions of what you can expect when working with me!

Super Ali having completed her London Marathon!!

Super Ali having completed her London Marathon!!

Alison Whitehead, running client

My training sessions with Sophie have been invaluable.  Initially I booked a couple of sessions as I had been struggling with my training for the London Marathon.  Sophie was very thorough re. what I was wanting from the personal training.  Sophie seemed to gauge my level very quickly and I booked further sessions - and thank goodness I did - as the Marathon was extremely tough but I was able to enjoy it and completed it injury-free too!  My fitness level really improved with the hill training and confidence building from Sophie - and the sessions were both challenging and fun!

I am continuing with my running and have some further sessions booked with Sophie.  I have a half marathon soon and the training and motivation provided by Sophie is excellent.  Her extensive knowledge of diet and exercise is brilliant and her pre-race/run and post-race/run diet and warm-up advice has made a difference too.
Even though the darker evenings are fast approaching - I want to keep on running - Have a special light for my trainers and luminous jacket so am ready for the challenge-it's fun!

Thank you Sophie🙂


Lisa Howley, nutrition and lifestyle client

I contacted to Sophie when hit a plateau with my weight. I was exercising and eating healthily but I could not seem to reach my goals. Sophie opened my eyes to leading a balanced life and still getting results. I exercised slightly less, did the things I enjoyed and instead of weighing out food and creating lots of restrictions I followed Sophie's tailored advice and began eating portions that filled me up. I can now trust myself and do not need to obsess over calorie counting. Sophie has not only helped me reach my body goals she has also helped my enjoy life by leading a truly balanced life. Thank you Sophie!


Karen Greenall, Personal training and nutrition client

I have been lucky enough to have 2 nutrition consultations with the lovely Sophie. She is so knowledgeable and really tried to get to the bottom of my food 'issues'. Sophie had great ideas for small changes I could make to my diet after she told me that most of what I was already doing was good. She gave me some really nice recipes and designed a few specific 20 minute exercise routines that I can fit into my busy days. She also encouraged me to continue the fast walking I am now doing regularly, and explained the benefits of doing that. Sophie is really motivational and understanding and I am so grateful for her support


Chris Belcher, Nutrition client

I first saw Sophie to get some advice because I felt that I needed to take as much care over my diet as the rest of my training.  While I was generally eating healthily, I was not necessarily eating sensibly given my training load, and Sophie helped me to plan a better regime to do this.  The changes Sophie recommended were quite small but made a huge improvement and I now feel properly fuelled for all my training sessions.  Since meeting Sophie I have represented GB at the World age group duathlon championships and have qualified for the European age group triathlon championships.  Sophie has been a key part of that success, and I am hugely grateful for her input


Peter Church, Nutrition client

I met with Sophie as part of a 12 week fitness program some tips on diet at the beginning were very useful.   Sophie took a range of measurements at the beginning and knowing that she was going to take them again at the end gave me a real focus.  I think measuring a few things kept my training balanced.   I joined a number her HIIT classes at the Gym which were always well structured and challenging.  Within 4 weeks I noticed the change around my waist and at the end of the 12 week I have improved BMI,  body fat and reduced my waist and weight.   


Karen Kelsey, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach - colleague

Sophie and I have been working together now for a few months; she is the expert Nutritionist and Exercise Coach working on the Coach Me Well, Weight Loss and Wellbeing Programme.  She has been very well received by my clients and provides timely and comprehensive reports, far surpassing my expectations.

I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship, as we help men and women to resolve their emotional and psychological relationship with food and exercise. 

Together we help people to reach their weight loss targets without dieting, develop a life-long healthy relationship with food and eating, become fitter and more positive about exercise as part of a healthy daily routine, and become happier and more confident to be the best person they can be in their lives.

To find out more about the Coach Me Well Programme, contact myself or Sophie. karen@kelsey-coaching.co.uk – 07805 792191. 

Karen Kelsey, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach - Creator of the Coach Me Well, sustained Weight Loss and Wellbeing Programme


Natalie Rycroft, Group fitness participant

3 months ahead of my wedding I was eager to continue to trim down but also tone up. I had been doing a lot of running, but had no idea how to add strength training into the mix safely and in a way that would get fast results. I decided to join Sophie’s fitness sessions she held each week and the results were more than I hoped for! Sophie is so kind, polite and encouraging in the right kind of way. She can adapt easily according to how you like to work out, whether it’s an army-style trainer you want, or someone who is going to push you but not make you feel like you have to do something you don’t want to do. She comes up with original body weight exercises which I hadn’t seen before on the multiple fitness apps I had downloaded, and ultimately for me, she ensured I got results and always had fun:)


Neil Birkett, Nutrition client

I just wanted to say thank you for the guidance and kick up the backside I needed. You adjusted my thoughts on diet and helped me break the plateau I felt stuck on for ages.

Great personal result for me, over 22lbs lost and still maintaining muscle mass.


Roger Coles, Group Fitness Participant

Thanks Sophie for putting together some fun, although pretty challenging fitness sessions on Wednesday lunchtimes at work. After being a bit scared at first, I found that I could do it - and enjoy it(!) with a bit of encouragement from Sophie and some friendly competition from my colleagues.... Sophie is a real expert in structuring a session so that you get the most out of it and at the same time, taking account of your own capabilities!


Nadia EL-Zanfaly, Group Fitness Participant

Sophie’s classes are fun, varied and make you work hard! She always takes the time to tailor the exercises to suit your level of fitness, whether you’re a complete newbie or someone who regularly exercises. She believes in balanced nutrition alongside exercise and is always giving tips and recommendations ensuring we all get the most out of our classes. Couldn’t recommend her enough!  


Deb Enever, Nutrition client

As a woman nearing her sixties I am finding that I have been gaining weight more easily, my fitness
levels aren’t so high and things on my body aren’t quite as they used to be!!! However with advice
from Sophie Jane I am now managing to keep things in control a bit more. I have followed her meal
planning and dietary advice and have found that not only are my meals more nutritious in value, they
are also more tasty! This in turn has given me more energy to carry on with varied exercise which
has improved my muscle tone. I enjoy Sophie's realistic approach to people with everyday lives to
live a balanced and improving lifestyle.